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Urgent Medical Care Required


  • Dial 000

  • Go to a hospital Emergency department

  • Go to a hospital Delivery Suite if pregnant



If there appears to be a life threatening process occurring, the best people to call are the ambulance service.

                                 Dial 000



If otherwise, then;


  • If pregnant and the problem is pregnancy related (eg. bleeding, contractions, waters broken, loss of fetal movements, ...) then phone the labour ward midwives for advice and they will give you advice and ask you to attend the delivery suite for assessment. The midwives will contact Dr Bell after they have perforemd the initial assessment.

  • If the problem is non pregnancy related then either attend the emergency department or see your GP.  If it is serious the ED or GP will contact Dr Bell.

  • If it isnt urgent and you want advice then please contact the surgery.

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