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Please expand and read each point below.

Note: I cannot offer 24/7 post circumcision care. If you have minor concerns then please contact the surgery by phone or email and I will get in contact as soon as I am able. If you have more concerns then it is best that baby be assessed by your nearest public hospital, regardless of time of day. Childrens hospitals offer a 24/7 service with expertise and facilities no practice can duplicate.

Be aware that if your baby is unwell post procedure it may be unrelated to the circumcision- it is best that unwell babies be assessed by doctors (paediatricians) who are experienced in all aspect of newborn care and the problems that may occur.

Disclaimer. This information sheet has been produced as an educational service. You should check that the information contained herein is correct before proceeding to act on it. If you have any queries then please contact the surgery or seek independent outside advice.

Please review the consent form here before booking.
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